Friday, February 1, 2013

Simple Number Recognition Game

For homeschool I am trying to come up with more hands on and creative ways to teach things. My daughter has been eyeing these cheap "jewels" from the dollar store for awhile, and while I don't want her to just play with them (they would end up lost or scattered all over the place), I decided we could use them for this number recognition game.

What you need:

A box (I already had this treasure chest but you can use whatever you want!)

Number cards (I chose to put the number and X amount of dots. She doesn't know her numbers by sight yet but she can count up to 20 so this works perfectly)

"Jewels" (can be purchased at most Dollar Trees)

How to play:

Put cards in a pile. Start with youngest player and let them take a card. They take X amount of jewels. Next player takes a card, etc. I only had 8 cards (2 sets of 1-4 and will add as she masters these numbers). Just make sure you have more jewels then the total of the numbers on your cards. Whoever has the most jewels when the cards are gone wins! Super simple and can be changed around to grow with your child! If you enjoyed, please share! Don't forget to "like" Homeschool Outcast on Facebook for updates on new games and ideas :)

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