Friday, February 8, 2013

Homeschool Science: Jello Plant Cell

We have been searching for a science curriculum for awhile now and I thought we were going to go with REAL Science Odyssey (RSO). We even tried out a couple of their sample activities and really enjoyed them. The program just didn't seem to stand out enough to justify the price of the pdf so I decided to go with Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding (BFSU) which I had heard so many good things about. It is a lot more work but I think the way the lessons are planned out are genius. You really do build the foundations of understanding that allow you and your child to appreciate science. It seems to be very meaningful. I am sure I will be writing more about that program in the near future. Here is one of the projects that we did for RSO (still seems to be a very good program with lots of good reviews).

Our delicious jello plant cell! We were supposed to make an animal cell as well but we didn't have enough jello :) Only some of the parts of the cell are represented. I assume that more parts are introduced as the child goes on. It didn't mention that, but I told W anyways so he wouldn't get confused later when I busted out all these other parts. The cell was very tasty. Who knew lemon jello was so good? My grandma used to make a dish with lemon jello and stewed tomatoes (she was an adventurous cook) and perhaps these bad memories are why it never occurred to me to purchase it until now!

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