Friday, February 8, 2013

A Simple Valentine: Cupcake Paper Flowers

For The Day of the Dead, we made some pretty cool coffee filter flowers. The kids colored the filters with marker, we sprayed them with water which made the colors run and gave the flowers a cool tie-dyed look, punched two holes in the paper, and used a pipe cleaner for a stem. I wanted to do the same thing for Valentine's Day but on a smaller scale.

You will need markers, cupcake liners (this is where I messed up, I got cheap $1 store liners that were waxy so we couldn't use the spray bottle), hole puncher, scissors, pipe cleaners, and not pictured but a spray bottle if you get the papery kind of liners.

The kids colored a whole bunch of them. I used three liners per flower.

Fold them in half and punch them. This way you have two holes you can stick the pipe cleaner through. You could also add  lollipop if you wanted. We are planning on adding a little to: and from: tag.

The finished product! I scrunched them a little to give them body. I really like how these turned out. They were a simple and easy homemade Valentine. We just might have to make these every year (if the kids don't get sick of them ;)).

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