Monday, December 12, 2011

Simple Tooth Fairy Pillow

Here is a very simple tooth fairy pillow I made for Christmas. These will make great stocking stuffers for the kiddos :)  I wrote down some simple instructions on how to do it...

I used an old cotton shirt and some eco fi felt.  I just simply drew a tooth on a piece of cardboard that was about 3 inches tall and cut it out.  I used that as my template and cut out two teeth from the felt.  I also cut out little initials which are optional.  I then cut 2, 10.5" by 5.5" strips of cloth. 

If you want the initials on your teeth just sew them on first.  I then sewed a tooth about 1" from the bottom of each strip of cloth, making sure to have it placed in the center.  I used a medium width, short length zig zag stitch to stitch it, leaving the top of the tooth open. 

I folded the pillow in half length wise so the side with the tooth or the "right" side was on the inside.  I straight stitched around the pillow leaving a 2" space to turn the pillow.  I cut the excess fabric at the corners and turned the pillows, pushing the corners out with a crochet hook.  I stuffed it lightly as I wanted it to be soft.  I then sewed the 2" opening shut.

It was pretty easy and a very cheap handmade Christmas gift idea :)  Enjoy!

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