Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cheap Handmade Christmas Gifts

Here are some great tutorial on the web for making some cheap homemade Christmas gifts.

For the gardener...plant markers from old Spoons via Domestic Simplicity.

For little girls...dollhouse made from an old drawer via Nice Girl Notes.

For the ladies in your life...a recycled t-shirt scarf from Vermilion Rules.

Melted Vinyl Bowl Record

Homemade present for a man!  Yes it exists :)  Old records are super cheap at The Goodwill or any thrift store.  Melted vinyl record bowl via The Paper Seed.

Present for anyone 21 or over.  Maybe a little more expensive then the rest, but how cool is this...Homemade Kahlua and Butterscotch Liqueur via Wee Folk Art.

For the boys...felt campfire via Simply Frugal Homemaking (hey that's me!!).

For the seamstress...sewing kit in a jar via Frugalicious Me.

For the crafter...homemade stamps via The Sweet Occasion.

Have you stumbled upon any great frugal handmade Christmas gift ideas?  Please share by leaving a comment below :)

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  1. Nice links - Thanks! I especially like the sewing kit in a jar - for my sister methinks!